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Making Sense of Genetic Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Making Sense of Genetic Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

GENETIC ALLIANCE BY LAUREN LICHTEN, MS CGC Although it is a routine recommendation to offer genetic testing to all children who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the thought of genetic testing can be unsettling to many parents. It also can be very difficult for families and doctors to obtain clear and


April 2015

APRIL 2015 ISSUE Annual Autism Awareness Issue * Autism: A New Theory * Birthdays & Kids with Autism * Early Sibling Support Groups * Genetic Testing for ASDs Our Annual Autism Issue is full of advice and inspiration for those caring for family members on the autism spectrum. The articles within address a wide range


This Month’s Ask the Expert

ep Ask the Expert is an online monthly event series in which respected experts closely working with ep answer questions sent by community members about a monthly, planned special needs topic. ep Ask the Expert is an excellent way to reach outside your circle and ask your most pressing questions about special needs. ep Ask



IRiS+ is an application designed to allow an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod Touch® to control sensory equipment or to enable the user to easily control a multisensory room. Offers several control switches in one— sound, touch, vibration and movement. The full IRiS+ app is free to download and by doing so, one can control either one or a number of multisensory products in



Bobles obstacle course set is designed to be a playful indoor environment for children, where they can work on motor skills. Can be used as furniture but meant for play and to enhance children’s motor skills while playing. Each animal influences motor skill development in a positive direction way. Free of any toxin or phthalates. ENABLEMART (A division of School Health Corporation)