Pondera Solutions Launches Platform to Combat Disabled Parking Permit Fraud


Pondera Solutions, a Google Enterprise partner focused on implementing Google analytics for government agencies nationwide,announced recently the launch of the first in the nation high-tech platform to combat disabled parking permit and placard fraud, a rampant issue in cities nationwide. “People with legitimate disabilities utilize accessible parking spots to access retail stores, restaurants, and other venues in order to participate in all their community has to offer. However, when accessible parking placards are abused by individuals without disabilities, everyone is impacted, specially the people with disabilities who depend on accessible parking in order to do what many others take for granted. Putting in place systems that reduce fraud and abuse is something all states and municipalities should consider,” said Mark Perriello, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of People with Disabilities.

The growing illegal use of disabled person permits and placards is causing lawmakers to take a fresh look at how to best address the problem. Increases in placard issuance, limited disabled parking spaces, abuse of free parking spots, time limits, patrol shortages, and lack of innovative technologies for enforcement are among the challenges facing U.S cities and law enforcement. In the State of California, one in every 10 drivers is issued a placard, with 2.5 million placards currently in use.
“This is a major problem. Go to any city in America and chances are you will see someone fraudulently using a disabled person parking placard. Our FDaaS® platform safeguards resources intended for those who are truly disabled,” said Jon Coss, Pondera Solutions Chief Executive Officer. Using Pondera’s Fraud Detection as a Service (FDaaS®), state and local investigators can utilize Google’s technology to help detect and prevent fraud, while Google’s Prediction API trains, tunes, and updates prediction models to enhance program effectiveness. FDaaS is also available via Google Glass which allows investigators to receive secure mobile alerts to identify breaches, flags, triggers, and suspicious activities on their device. Pondera’s FDaaS is a Google-powered cloud-based analytics solution that identifies suspicious and collusive activities, quickly sifting through massive data sets to identify and alert agencies to problems that require follow up investigation. FDaaS is seen as a “super investigator” that combines technical intelligence with department data to quickly identify potential fraud. Because FDaaS uses machine learning and Google’s geospatial mapping technology, it also continues to “learn” over time, uncovering new and emerging methods of fraud.