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With its wide editorial lens, soaring digital success and iconic status in the disability media, ep is not just a magazine and website, but a media brand that documents and promotes innovation, leadership, politics, entertainment, technology, culture, business and style.

ep’s mission is to deliver information on the people, ideas and technologies changing the world to our community of exceptional parents, people, physicans and patients. What distinguishes ep from other media brands is our exceptional access to the world’s most powerful changers and disruptors who are advancing industries across the globe. Through our unique platform of print, digital and mobile products, ep is changing the way content is created, distributed, consumed and shared.

Since 19__, ep magazine has provided the world’s special needs with strategic insight and information. is the homepage for the world’s ____________________, serving an engaging mix of top stories, video and trending features. Our unique social journalism platform enables content creators, consumers and marketers to participate more than ever before, and our network of _____________staff writers and expert contributors enables to meet the diverse and demanding needs of our online audience. has seen unprecedented growth, with a record breaking ________________unique visitors in January. ep’s growth across print, digital and mobile is proof that the innovative model of journalism at the center of a social experience is not only working, it is revolutionizing the special needs media community.

Editorial Calendar

January 2015
* Annual Resource Guide – Directories of Resources for Families,
Physicians, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers

February 2015
* Diet and Nutrition: Dietary Supplements
* Depression, Anxiety & Stress Management
* Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication

March 2015
* Schools & Camps, Colleges, and Residences
* Developmental Disabilities

April 2015
* Spectrum of Autistic Disorders: Latest Research on ASD
* Animals: Assistance and Therapy * Early Intervention

May 2015
* Annual Mobility Issue
* Planning for the New School Year

June 2015
* Summer Activities
* Adaptive Sports and Recreation
* Electronic Games

July 2015
* Home Improvement and ADA
* Travel

August 2015
* Annual Healthcare Issue
* Genetic Disorders
* Universal Newborn Screening
* Incontinence & Bedwetting

September 2015
* Annual Education Issue
* Bullying and Cyber-Bullying

October 2015
* Annual EP Toy Issue
* Employment & Transitioning

November 2015
* Financial & Estate Planning for People with Special Needs
* Tax Strategies
* Military Appreciation

December 2015
* Family and Community
* The Holidays
* Speech and Hearing

EP Digital Magazine
Vanessa B. Ira – Managing Editor