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This Month’s Ask the Expert

This Month’s Ask the Expert

ep Ask the Expert is an online monthly event series in which respected experts closely working with ep answer questions sent by community members about a monthly, planned special needs topic. ep Ask the Expert is an excellent way to reach outside your circle and ask your most pressing questions about special needs. ep Ask


Are You and Your Child Coachable?

BY TOM CURRY Colleges today may want to recruit a certain student athlete to fit into their program. But remember that the student and parent must be able to fit in with the program. The other day, we had an assistant college football coach in our athletic department recruiting one of our players. As I sat in and listened


Protect Your Heart By Eating Smart!

BY BARBARA MINTZ, MS, RD March is National Nutrition Month, but it is always a good time to look at your schedule and ask yourself if you are living a healthy lifestyle for your heart. Did you know that cardiovascular disease is one of the most preventable diseases? Food and activity play a huge role in


Cutting Down On Stress In 2015

BY KYLE MCEVILLY  The hectic holiday season is at an end, but unfortunately that does not mean all the stress in a person’s life has now disappeared. For individuals living with a medically complex or chronic condition and their families, stress may be a regular part of life.