I Have Autismis a children’s book to help parents and teachers explain autism to a young child. In this book, the main character, Alex, has autism. He talks about how autism affects his behavior and other aspects of his life. The story of Alex can improve the self-esteem of any child with autism and help explain why he/she is different. The I Have Autism Resource Guide includes a definition of autism, practical strategies for coping at home and at school, a reference list of books and organizations, and suggestions for talking to the child’s siblings and peers about autism. The Resource Guide also contains a reproducible I Have Autism book that the child can personalize. It includes suggestions for adding text and pictures to the book. Personalizing an I Have Autism book can help the child with autism to understand his or her world better, to improve his/her social skills, and manage his/her behavior. INTENDED AGE: Recommended for users from PreK – 3rd grade. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

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DENIM WEIGHTED VEST   Fun and Function offers a denim weighted vest, designed for children and young teens that require additional sensory input. Each vest features both shoulder (1/4lb each) and pocket weights (1lb each) providing weight down through the shoulders and directed toward the hips. In addition, there are pockets for holding fidgets as well as buttons for easy dressing and undressing. Maximum weight supports include 2-2.5 pounds. SIZES: Small, medium or large. WEIGHT: 2-2.5 pounds. COLOR: Blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

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