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Transitioning From Active Duty To Civilian Employment

Transitioning From Active Duty To Civilian Employment

BY JENNIFER WOODWORTH Beginning with the job search, explore options that relate to your military experience and strengths but also your interests and positive personality traits. Retiring or discharging from active duty can be stressful, and joining the civilian workforce can be intimidating. According to the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense report 2012, there


An Overview Of Children And Youth Programs

The military services offer a wide variety of quality children and youth programs in structured developmental settings on and off the military installation to provide for safe, age-appropriate activities. YOUTH PROGRAMS Instructional programs: Instructional programs provide opportunities to develop new skills and learn in hands-on, informal settings. Programs cover a wide range of topics including photography, woodworking, science and technology, gardening, health and safety.


Department Of Defense Summer Camp Experiences

During the school year, it’s easy to fill your children’s schedules with activities but the summer can be more challenging. If your children are looking for something exciting to do, the Department of Defense is here to help. Each year, the DoD provides summer camp opportunities for your children, giving them a chance to have fun, meet new people and develop skills that will benefit


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

BY SHELLEY HUHTANEN Let’s start asking the hard questions and make the CDC and the news media bring everyone together, as opposed to creating witch hunts and dividing our parents. Vaccines. Yes, I said that controversial word – the word that can send thousands of parents running to their Facebook pages, screaming to the masses about why their view is the


Anxiety Disorders

BY JENNIFER WOODWORTH PSY.D In military families, service members are involved in situations on a daily basis where significant physical, emotional and psychological injuries are possible. But once daily functioning becomes impacted due to the distressing thoughts or feelings, it may be time to seek assistance.

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Family Fitness With Young Children

For parents of babies, toddlers or young children, fitness often takes a backseat to late night feedings, chasing an exploring little one around the house or cleaning up what seems to be a never-ending mess of toys or spills.


Can You Relate?

BY SHELLEY HUHTANEN Last week, I was grateful to be able to share our story with those who could appreciate it. In the military, every family faces some sort of challenge.


Turing Stress To Joy During The Holidays

BY JENNIFER WOODWORTH If your service member is deployed or training, either celebrate early if they are leaving around the holiday time, or after the official season, to include them if they are going to return soon after the holidays December can be a stressful time for families, whether together or apart for the holiday