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Making Sense of Genetic Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Making Sense of Genetic Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

GENETIC ALLIANCE BY LAUREN LICHTEN, MS CGC Although it is a routine recommendation to offer genetic testing to all children who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the thought of genetic testing can be unsettling to many parents. It also can be very difficult for families and doctors to obtain clear and


Having the Conversation with Your Seriously Ill Child

BY LAUREN AGORATUS, M.A. Pediatric Starter Kit In the interest of full disclosure, I have a daughter with multiple life-threatening conditions who “coded” and had to be resuscitated on several occasions. So reviewing the Pediatric Starter Kit, which was designed by The Conversation Project to help parents of seriously ill children who want guidance about “having the conversation” with their children, was


ep 2015 Teachers of the Year

BY VANESSA B. IRA, EDITOR EP MAGAZINE Three outstanding Teachers of the Year are being honored in this edition of EP (Exceptional Parent) magazine, our Annual Schools & Camps Issue. These are teachers whose work requires extraordinary patience, sometimes in the midst of constant emotional outbursts. Teachers who must focus always on what a student can do – and not on


What Constitutes A Quality Program For Children Who Are Deaf?

BY FREEMAN KING, Ed.D If parents decide a school district’s inclusive/mainstreaming program is the optimum and appropriate educational program for deaf children, this should center around an approach that offers a quality education that prepares the deaf student to compete as an equal with hearing children in the school. Education for the child who is


The Power Of Therapeutic Music Through The Eyes Of Compositional Legends

BY MARTHA SUMMA-CHADWICK & STEVE WEISER A spectacular series of concert performances, lectures, and workshops to advocate for a very special musical cause is scheduled in the beautiful city of Erie, Pennsylvania, during the week of April 13 to 17. The Erie Chamber Orchestra (ECO) has designed a distinctive week long festival to promote the idea of music for therapeutic as


Prevention, Evaluation, And Management Of Low Bone Density – PART 1

BY PHILIP MAY MD Prevention, Evaluation, and Management of Low Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Encountered in Adults with Developmental and Intellectual DisabilitiesClinical experience and published reports have shown that low BMD is especially common in adults with developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disability, epilepsy, autism, and cerebral palsy.


Anxiety Disorders

BY JENNIFER WOODWORTH PSY.D In military families, service members are involved in situations on a daily basis where significant physical, emotional and psychological injuries are possible. But once daily functioning becomes impacted due to the distressing thoughts or feelings, it may be time to seek assistance.


Able Act Passes

BY ROBERT F BROGAN & BERNARD A KROOKS The community of individuals with special needs and their family members will have at their disposal a new tool with which to maintain a private fund of assets while preserving certain government benefits.